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Creating custom decorators

NOTE: This page is a direct copy of the old documentation. It will be reworked.
You can create your own decorators which will inject your given values for your service dependencies. For example:
// Logger.ts
export function Logger() {
return function (object: Object, propertyName: string, index?: number) {
const logger = new ConsoleLogger();
Container.registerHandler({ object, propertyName, index, value: containerInstance => logger });
// LoggerInterface.ts
export interface LoggerInterface {
log(message: string): void;
// ConsoleLogger.ts
import { LoggerInterface } from './LoggerInterface';
export class ConsoleLogger implements LoggerInterface {
log(message: string) {
// UserRepository.ts
export class UserRepository {
constructor(@Logger() private logger: LoggerInterface) {}
save(user: User) {
this.logger.log(`user ${user.firstName} ${user.secondName} has been saved.`);